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Our Vision

We believe every youth should have access to the tools they need to use and expand upon their artistic talents.

Our History

ArtsGroup was established as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2010 by a collective of artists who wanted to give back to the next generation.


This legacy continues through our programming that assist emerging artists by helping to shape and sharpen their skills and direct activities-allowing them to excel and demonstrate leadership in their communities.  

We have a unique combination of skills and resources that enable us to source and support media professionals, provide access to high-quality technology, and provide multiple studio space for creative groups to showcase their artistic potential. Youth, especially those in high-poverty areas, do not have access to digital media arts programming.  The programming is either prohibitively expensive, or only offered exclusively, limiting the number of youth who can benefit.  Instead, we believe in exposing ALL emerging artists to the resources they need to reach their potential.

artist development

Learn the ins and outs of the music business.

digital media in schools

Let us build a digital media studio in your school.

work opportunities

Learn photography and graphic design through real-world assignments.


Rent from multiple studio spaces to create.

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