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Young Moguls Program Introduced

In summer of 2016, ArtsGroup ran the Young Moguls pilot program at the StudioPlace A&R Complex and began building the core of what would be a great program focused on young artists. Our mission was to simply take youth that had a passion for music and entertainment and provide them with the necessary tools, education and freedom to create a real world project. The program highlights were:

  • Completion of a 7 song EP, written, produced and recorded by the Young Moguls.

  • Interviews with industry and award winning artists such as Chucky Thompson, soul vocalists Kyonte' and Jazz of Super rnb Group Dru Hill, Buddy Wike of INTRO and educational law with industry mogul Rob Ross.

  • Advance movie screening from Bad Boy Records "Can't Stop, Won't Stop"

  • Meet and Greets with National recoring artists Yvng Swag

  • Behind the scenes shooting with Nickelodeon and NCredible Entertainment (Nick Canon)

  • Field Trips and content collection in and around the Washington DC area

The program was well received by our program participants and our young group of participants collectively came together to complete a 7 song EP, with expected release dates early next year.

ArtsGroup looks forward to continued partnerships with educational campuses that need a safe alternative to music education in a safe environment. We look forward to speaking to the mind and culture of today's young artists.

For more information on how to enroll your campus in the Young Moguls Program, please contact 202-681-7176 or email our Operations Director, Mr. Johnny West.

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